Technology in boosting agriculture.


Fitoquímica - Products for Agriculture

Fitoquímica is a company providing services in the area of products for agriculture (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, among others).

Our main services:

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Packaging with or without supply of the packaging material defined by the customer.
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Formulation of fluids

Formulation of fluids with or without supply of inert and adjuvant components.
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Storage with or without provision of logistics and transportation.
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Dispatch of customer products

Dispatch of customer products with or without provision of transportation.

Fitoquímica - Our values

Our experience emerged from the combined efforts of different age groups, giving rise to this major project that we currently embody as a market reference in our sector.
All this is the result of our strong focus on quality and the specific training of our employees.

After all these years of having accustomed our customers to the innovation of our services, we feel that it is our duty to surpass expectations, through the continuous improvement of our work.
This is the case with our focus on technology where, through this website, we offer further insights on our presence in the market and our availability for any question related to our business.

Fitoquímica provides formulation, packaging, storage and dispatch services for Agriculture